OPAT, Tomer - 100 Games


Congratulations to Tomer Opat who played his 100th game for the AJAX Junior Football Club in Round 4, 2015 for the U16s. The U16s had a good win over Waverley Park, and Tomer was named in the team's best players. Tomer got to share his milestone with two of his team mates, Jordan Meltzer and Noah Rosham so it was a great day all round for everyone. Here are some details about Tomer.

Name Tomer Opat
Nickname Tom
Team Under 16s
Position Backman
Games 100
First Played Auskick
Club Awards 2013 Coaches Awards (U14s)
Favorite AFL Team Essendon
Plays like which AFL player Jake Carlisle 

Tomer Opat Banner

Jordan Meltzer, Noah Rosham and Tomer Opat before their 100th Game

Tomer Opat Banner2

Tomer, Noah and Jordan breaking through their 100th game banner




OPAT, Tomer - 100 Games

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